Brilcon FDR-635ND 635L French Door Fridge

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Model Number: FDR-635

The super stylish & sleek Brilcon French Door stainless steel refrigerator features electronic touch control with LED display to allow you to easily control & monitor both the fridge & the twin freezer segments with ease. The electronic control also features quick selection of an array of special functions such as Super Cool & Super Freeze Modes (for fast & quick method of keeping your foods fresh), an Eco Energy Saver Mode to maximum energy efficiency, & other features.

The large capacity 635 litres provided the needed storage area for large families, households & those who love to entertain with dinner parties or large gatherings with family & friends.

Being a French Door fridge, this allows the extra wide space for keeping large food trays & items such as full size roasts & large food platters. The fridge section is on the upper part, while the freezer sections (twin drawers) are on the lower part of the refrigerator. This allows the mostly used fridge section with your eye level, meaning you won’t need to bend or crouch down as often (a much comfier set up compared to conventional top mount fridges).

All shelves are completely adjustable & can be adjusted to be split in 2 for highly versatile setting to suit all possible needs for food storage. An easy to use shelf flap system also allows quick adjustment of the shelf to fit taller food items such as cakes, (really handy). With the many deep door shelves, including butter, cheese, eggs & other handy compartments this fridge covers all needs for a larger household.

The fridge section also features 2 large crisper draws with humidity control, with also a smaller 3rd compartment in the middle. Below the crisper draws there is a flat (wide) deli compartment keeping your meats & cheeses fresh at all times.

The freezer section is split in 2 (twin drawers) to help you organise your frozen foods in better order without needing to dig around a single deep freezer drawer. As with the fridge section, the freezer compartments also feature multiple storage sections allowing you to adjust the best setting that suits your needs. The freezer section also features are very handy ice maker with push down ice dispenser mechanism allow you to build up your ice supply in a large size tray (ice compartment). The compartment also features a handy ice scoop allowing a more hygienic way to access your ice supply.

Both the fridge & freezer compartments are with LED lighting components for the perfect lighting effect on the contents of your fridge.

The fridge & freezer sections are completely frost free with multi direction flow system installed to keep your food items efficiently chilled at the exact temperature you need at all times.

The Brilcon 635 Litre French Door Refrigerator, a great kitchen feature for larger households & families, especially for those who love to entertain.


Fridge & Freezer Total Capacity = 635 Litre

Fridge Total Capacity = 445 Litre

Freezer Total Capacity = 190 Litre

Colour = High Grade Stainless Steel

Flush Back Design = Yes

Roller Castors = Yes (for easy moveability)

Adjustable Feet = Yes

Handles = High Quality Stainless Steel

Temp Control = Electronic, both Fridge & 2 Freezer Compartments

Defrosting = Automatic (Fully / Total Frost Free)

Refrigerant = R600a

Shelf Material = Safety Glass

Fridge Compartment Lamp = Yes

Freezer Compartment Lamp = Yes

Vegetable Crisper = Yes, 2 Drawers with 3rd Mini Drawer in Centre

Deli Compartment = Yes 1 Flat (Wide) Drawer

Ice Maker = Yes, with Push Down Mechanism, Large Catchment Tray & Ice Scoop

Refrigerator Dimensions:

Height = 1775 mm

Width = 911 mm

Depth = 728.5 mm (without handle, 782 mm with Handle)